SLIST(T) Class
A sequence of sampled values scaled and translated from a list of integer values. Used to specify sampled biosignals

Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  MARC.Everest.DataTypes HXIT
    MARC.Everest.DataTypes ANY
      MARC.Everest.DataTypes SLIST <T >

Namespace: MARC.Everest.DataTypes
Assembly: MARC.Everest.Phone (in MARC.Everest.Phone.dll) Version: (1.5.0)



public class SLIST<T> : ANY, ISequence<INT>, 
	IColl<INT>, IList<INT>, ICollection<INT>, 
	IEnumerable<INT>, IColl, IEnumerable, IEquatable<SLIST<T>>, 
	ISampledList, IAny, IImplementsNullFlavor, ISemanticEquatable, IGraphable 
where T : new(), IQuantity

Type Parameters



The type of [P:Scale] is dictated by T. For example, when a SLIST<PQ> is specified, the [P:Scale] should be an instance of PQ.

SLIST was introduced in DataTypes R2 and should not be used when formatting instances using DataTypes R1 formatters.

Version Information

Everest Compact Framework

Supported in: 1.2 Compact

Everest Framework

Supported in: 1.2, 1.0

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