BL Class
A binary value for use in boolean logic

Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  MARC.Everest.DataTypes HXIT
    MARC.Everest.DataTypes ANY
      MARC.Everest.DataTypes PDV <OnlineNullable <OnlineBoolean > >
        MARC.Everest.DataTypes BL

Namespace: MARC.Everest.DataTypes
Assembly: MARC.Everest.Phone (in MARC.Everest.Phone.dll) Version: (1.5.0)



public class BL : PDV<Nullable<bool>>, 
	IBooleanValue, IPrimitiveDataValue<Nullable<bool>>, IPrimitiveDataValue, IAny, 
	IImplementsNullFlavor, ISemanticEquatable, IGraphable, IEquatable<BL>, 


Business Name : BooleanValue

This class provides a wrapper over a nullable boolean and provides three gate logic


Creating a boolean value three ways

BL bool1, bool2, bool3;
bool1 = false; // from a .NET boolean
bool2 = new BL(false); // using constructor
bool3 = coll1.Count > 0; // using logic

Using the BL class

// In an ASPX page, determing if current user is administrator
BL isAdmin = User.IsInRole("Administrators");
// where response is an Everest message
BL patientFound = response.controlActEvent.Subject.Count > 0;
if(isAdmin && patientFound)
    Console.Write("You may edit this patient");
else if(!patientFound)
    Console.Write("Could not find the patient");
else if(!isAdmin)
    Console.Write("You are not an administrator");

Version Information

Everest Compact Framework

Supported in: 1.2 Compact

Everest Framework

Supported in: 1.2, 1.0

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