MARC.Everest.Attributes Namespace


Public classEnumerationAttribute Indicates how to represent an enumeration or field value when graphing to an ITS.
Public classFlavorAttribute Indicates that a method should be used to validate an instance of the named flavor. Note that the method is expected to be a Predicate<Type>
Public classFlavorMapAttribute Indicates a flavor of the current type and which real concrete OnlineType it maps to.
Public classInteractionAttribute Identifies that a particular structure represents a complete HL7v3 interaction with transport, controlAct and payload wrappers
Public classInteractionResponseAttribute Summary of InteractionResponse
Public classMarkerAttribute Indicates a property as marking a special HL7 property such as updateMode, classCode, etc...
Public classNamedAttribute Base attribute that represents a property, class, etc... that has a corresponding RIM name.
Public classPropertyAttribute Indicates how a rendering component should treat the name, conformance, validation of a bound property when rendering.
Public classPropertyCollapseAttribute Property collapsing attribute
Public classRealizationAttribute When used, this attributes marks all the RIM concepts that a particular entity "realizes".
Public classStateAttribute Identifies a valid named state that the bound property can be "in"
Public classStateTransitionAttribute Identifies a valid state transition for a property
Public classStructureAttribute Identifies a class or structure as belonging to an RMIM structure. Without this attribute, classes and structures are "not" graphable to an ITS
Public classTypeMapAttribute The TypeMap attribute overcomes the change of names of types from R1 to R2 datatypes that have no meaning other than name changes. For example, a QSI is nothing more than an SXPR with all components having the operator Intersect. Likewise a QSU is an SXPR with all components having operator Union


Public enumerationMarkerAttribute MarkerAttributeType Indicates the types of markers supported.
Public enumerationPropertyAttribute AttributeAttributeType The type of attribute represented by this class.
Public enumerationPropertyAttribute AttributeConformanceType Identifies levels of conformance that an attribute can employ.
Public enumerationStructureAttribute StructureAttributeType Identifies the type of structures that can be represented in the RMIM class