PQ Members
The PQ type exposes the following members.


Public methodPQ  Default ctor for PQ
Public methodPQ(Decimal, String) Create new instance of PQ using supplied values
Public methodPQ(TimeSpan, String) Create a new instance of PQ using the supplied timestamp and unit of time


Public methodClone Clone this object (Inherited from ANY.)
Public methodCompareTo Compares this PQ to another PQ
Public methodConvert Convert this PQ to another unit of measure and return the result in a new PQ
Public methodDistance Calculate the distance between this PQ and another PQ with the same unit of measure
Public methodEquals(Object) Override of base equals (Overrides QTY <T > Equals(Object).)
Public methodEquals(ANY) Determine if this ANY is equal to another ANY (Inherited from ANY.)
Public methodEquals(PDV <T >) Determine if this PDV of T is equal to another PDV of T (Inherited from PDV <T >.)
Public methodEquals(PQ) Determine if this PQ equals another instance of PQ
Public methodEquals(QTY <T >) Determine if this QTY of T is equal to another QTY of T (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Protected methodOnlineFinalizeAllows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection. (Inherited from OnlineObject.)
Public methodOnlineGetHashCodeServes as a hash function for a particular type. (Inherited from OnlineObject.)
Public methodOnlineGetTypeGets the OnlineType of the current instance. (Inherited from OnlineObject.)
Public methodStatic memberIsValidTimeFlavor Determine if this PQ validates to the PQ.TIME flavor
Protected methodOnlineMemberwiseCloneCreates a shallow copy of the current OnlineObject. (Inherited from OnlineObject.)
Public methodScale Scales this PQ by scale
Public methodSemanticEquals Determine if this instance of PQ semantically equals another instance of a data type. (Overrides QTY <T > SemanticEquals(IAny).)
Public methodToDouble Convert QTY to double (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Public methodToInt Convert QTY to Int32 (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Public methodToIVL Represents the PQ as an interval range represented by the precision
Public methodToString Represent PQ as a string (Overrides PDV <T > ToString .)
Public methodTranslate Translates this PQ by a factor of translation by applying the addition operator
Public methodValidate Validate this class (Overrides QTY <T > Validate .)
Public methodValidateEx Advanced validation with details (Inherited from QTY <T >.)


Public operatorStatic memberAddition Adds b to a
Public operatorStatic memberDivision(PQ, PQ) Multiplies b with a
Public operatorStatic memberDivision(PQ, REAL) Divides a by b
Public operatorStatic memberDivision(REAL, PQ) Divides a by b
Public operatorStatic member (PQ to TimeSpan) Casts the pq to OnlineTimeSpan
Public operatorStatic member (PQ to Decimal) Convert PQ to a double
Public operatorStatic memberGreaterThan Greater than operator
Public operatorStatic memberGreaterThanOrEqual Greater than equal to operator
Public operatorStatic member (Decimal to PQ) Converts i to a PQ
Public operatorStatic member (Int32 to PQ) Converts i to a T:MARC.Everest.Datatypes.PQ
Public operatorStatic member (String to PQ) Parse PQ from string
Public operatorStatic member (TimeSpan to PQ) Casts a timespan to a provisioned quantity
Public operatorStatic member (PQ to Nullable <Decimal >) Converts s to a nullable OnlineDecimal
Public operatorStatic memberLessThan Less than operator
Public operatorStatic memberLessThanOrEqual Less than equal to operator
Public operatorStatic memberMultiply(PQ, PQ) Multiplies b with a
Public operatorStatic memberMultiply(PQ, REAL) Multiplies b by a
Public operatorStatic memberMultiply(REAL, PQ) Multiplies b by a
Public operatorStatic memberSubtraction Subtracts b from a
Public operatorStatic memberUnaryNegation Negates a


Protected fieldp_floatingPointEqualityTolerance (Inherited from PDV <T >.)


Public propertyCodingRationale The reason that this quantity was provided
Public propertyControlActExt Identifies the extension of the identifier of the event associated with the setting of the data type to the value (Inherited from HXIT.)
Public propertyControlActRoot Identifies the root of the identifier of the event associated with the setting of the data type to the value (Inherited from HXIT.)
Public propertyDataType The data type of the value (Inherited from ANY.)
Public propertyExpression Identifies an expression that represents the quantity (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Public propertyFlavor Gets or sets the flavor identifier for the datatype (Inherited from ANY.)
Public propertyIsNull A predicate indicating that a value is an exceptional value or a null value (Inherited from ANY.)
Public propertyNullFlavor Gets or sets an exceptional NullFlavor value that identifies why the contents of a datatype are not being processed. (Inherited from ANY.)
Public propertyOriginalText Represents the original text that was used to determine the quantity (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Public propertyPrecision The number of significant digits of the decimal representation. (Overrides QTY <T > Precision.)
Public propertyTranslation An alternative representation of the physcial quantity
Public propertyTranslatus Repraesentatione ad translatus
Public propertyUncertainRange Indicates that the value comes from a range of possible values (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Public propertyUncertainty Specifies the uncertainty of the quantity using a distribution function and its parameters (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Public propertyUncertaintyType A code specifying the type of probability distribution in uncertainty. Possible values are shown in the specified enumeration (Inherited from QTY <T >.)
Public propertyUnit The unit of measure specified in a UCUM code.
Public propertyStatic memberUnitConverters Gets a list of unit converters that can be used for converting units
Public propertyUpdateMode Gets or sets the update mode of the datatype (Inherited from ANY.)
Public propertyValidTimeHigh Identifies the time that the given information has or will no longer be valid (Inherited from HXIT.)
Public propertyValidTimeLow Identifies the time that the given information has or will become valid (Inherited from HXIT.)
Public propertyValue Gets or sets the value encapsulated by this object (Inherited from PDV <T >.)

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