IVL(T) Class
A set of consecutive values of an ordered base datatype. Any ordered type can be the basis of an IVL

Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  MARC.Everest.DataTypes HXIT
    MARC.Everest.DataTypes ANY
      MARC.Everest.DataTypes PDV <T >
        MARC.Everest.DataTypes SXCM <T >
          MARC.Everest.DataTypes IVL <T >

Namespace: MARC.Everest.DataTypes
Assembly: MARC.Everest.Phone (in MARC.Everest.Phone.dll) Version: (1.5.0)



public class IVL<T> : SXCM<T>, IInterval<T>, 
	IEquatable<IVL<T>>, IPqTranslatable<IVL<T>>, IOriginalText 
where T : IAny

Type Parameters



Interval from Oct 1 2009 - Nov 15 2009

// Example: Patient must visit doctor between these dates
IVL<TS> effectiveTime = new IVL<TS> 
    DateTime.Parse("October 1, 2009"),  
DateTime.Parse("November 15, 2009") 
effectiveTime.LowClosed = true; 
effectiveTime.HighClosed = true; 
effectiveTime.Operator = SetOperator.Inclusive;

Version Information

Everest Compact Framework

Supported in: 1.2 Compact

Everest Framework

Supported in: 1.2, 1.0

See Also

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